This page will help describe the process of an estimate and factors that are to be considered in determining a mural's cost.
My estimates are free.

Contact me via phone or email. This information is provided on the Contact Page.

Communicate an idea as best you can so I can be prepared for the initial consultation.
Specific picture references taken from books, magazines, or the Internet are excellent sources to help communicate your ideas and narrow down artistic concepts. All copyright images are to be for personal use only.
I may ask many questions to help me define your vision in my mind.
I can also help you in research further, if needed.

Initial Consultation
I will show you my portfolio and look at all picture references you have provided for me to see.
We will talk about the area to be painted and the theme of artwork desired along with color schemes.
We will discuss time frames and deadlines.
If you have a budget in mind, let me know so I can work with it.

I generally charge a minimum of $250. per day. I am always willing to try and work within your budget.
The following are some considerations that may affect the cost.

Conditions, Location
What are the measurements of the area to be painted?
Am I painting on a stairway or ceiling? Will scaffolding be necessary?
Is the surface smooth or rough? Indoor or outdoor?

Degree of Detail
Is the mural highly defined or very loosely painted?
Are there few colors or are many needed for the project?

Sometimes changes can be made to a mural in progress and I am more than happy to accommodate. Although, changes made will be added to the total cost already agreed upon.

Sample Boards, Renderings
If requested, sample boards or renderings can be provided. Time, degree of detail, and materials used will determine the cost of samples and will be included in my estimate.
Most often, photos or comparisons of previous works are sufficient. I may suggest a rendering to help communicate the design idea and/or composition.

Travel and Lodging
Depending on the distance and time constraints, lodging is sometimes required.
Fuel expense is a factor to be considered and also figured into my estimate for jobs that require excessive traveling.


All jobs are on a First Come, First Served basis. If you have a deadline, it is very important to book in advance or secure a certain time period when you are prepared for me to begin work.

Once the project is established and work has been thoroughly discussed and prepared for, I will require a deposit in advance. This covers paints, materials, travel costs and expenses. It also secures the time allotted for your mural. I accept cash, personal checks, and PayPal.


A sincere THANK YOU for considering me to paint at your private home or business!
It is indeed MY PRIVILEGE and I am thankful for every day that I am able to do what I love doing!

I look forward to hearing from you!